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The California Promise is a guarantee from the California State University system that a new student can earn a degree in no more than two years (for Associate Degree for Transfer Students), or within four years (for new First-Time First-year Students), if a new student pledges to, and follows specific campus requirements.

California State University’s “California Promise" Pledge program

Graduating from SDSU sooner will save you tuition and books/materials costs. It also will increase your earning potential by enabling you to enter the workforce sooner rather than later. Students who elect to participate in California Promise receive special academic advisement and elevated priority registration.

For additional background information on the benefits of graduating on time, read this document.


Effective fall 2018, the California Promise program will support first-time freshmen who complete their baccalaureate degrees in four years, and who major in one of the following degree programs listed below:

  • Anthropology,
  • Communication Applied Arts,
  • Communication Liberal Arts,
  • Journalism,
  • Journalism Advertising,
  • Journalism Media Studies,
  • Journalism Public Relations,
  • Psychology,
  • Psychology - Industrial and Organizational Psychology,
  • Business Administration - General Business only,
  • Health Communication,
  • Hospitality and Tourism (HTM) Management,
  • HTM - Hotel Operations & Management,
  • HTM - Meetings and Events Operations and Management,
  • HTM Restaurant Operations and Management and
  • HTM Tribal Gaming Operations and Management


Beginning fall 2017, transfer students entering with a completed Associate Degree for Transfer (ADT), who are interested in completing their remaining requirements for the baccalaureate degree in the same degree program which they were admitted to AND who complete their degree program within two years, are encouraged to participate in the California Promise Program. For the list of ADT majors visit our SDSU ADT website

New Fall transfer ADT admits who are interested should visit our CA Two Year Pledge program website